Wilderness Retreat Walks

Wilderness Retreat Walks with Pius in the Burren, Cliffs of Moher Geopark and on Inisheer are tailor made to suit all students at 2nd level schools, and in particular Transition Year, 5th and 6th Year students.

The walks are adapted from the Inspirational Walks.

Students are enabled to reconnect with nature, tap into the spirituality of the landscape and connect with the spirit through walking and exercise.

Active participation by all students in rituals based on the four elements, earth, water, air and fire, walking with an intention and silent walking are integral parts of the day’s outing.

Where appropriate story, folklore, poetry and simple circle dance are included.

The Burren walks are offered in a variety of remote, tranquil locations.

Teachers are consulted with regard to choice of walk location.

The months most suitable for walks are September, October, March, April and May.

Walks are generally 5km and last about 4 hours, over easy terrain, along a walking trail.

Large groups can be catered for. Contact Pius to make arrangements.

A Wilderness Retreat includes a 45 minute attunement visit to the school, a few days in advance of the walk.

This walk may also suit senior classes in Primary School, particularly students preparing to receive Confirmation.

Wilderness Retreat Walk Gallery