Walkers Testimonials

‘I went on a tour/ walk of the Burren with Pius late September 2019 as a leader to a group of 25 American college freshman students. I was a bit nervous, hoping they would show respect for the area, the guide, and the relevance of the place. Pius broke the ice quickly and immediately started learning the students’ names, their majors, and about their homes. The students very obviously quick took to him as a guide and as an Irish person willing to talk about his vast knowledge of Ireland and of the Burren. Pius shared stories from so long ago that somehow felt personal and relevant. He read relevant poetry to us in both Irish and English and explained the connection of the poems to the Burren. He shared myths that were interesting, invited us to participate in spiritual traditions of the Burren and lead us in a “grounding”/ reflection exercise. We never felt obligated but we always felt welcome. I, in particular, asked Pius so many questions and wondered when he would get annoyed of them, spoiler alert – he didn’t (or at least he didn’t show it). He eagerly answered my questions no matter how controversial, ignorant, or trivial they may have seemed. We are all grateful for our time in the Burren with Pius for the connection he encouraged us to have with the stories and the place, for his openness and kindness he had towards us, and for his interest in our lives as well. I recommend Pius fully to anyone hoping to learn in an open, kind, inclusive, and fun way. Thank you, Pius! We really enjoyed and learned a lot.’

Hannah Mathers
Northeastern University, Boston, Mass.
, U.SA.

September 2019

‘Touring with Pius was a great journey. A wise and friendly guide, Pius has a wealth of fascinating knowledge. He taught me about the Burren’s and County Clare’s flora, fauna,history and mythology and I even learned some Gaelic/Irish phrases.
As my friends and I traversed the gorgeous countryside and marveled at its many outstanding features, Pius was right there, ready with exciting information, that made our experience much more magical.
When in County Clare, make it your priority to meet and adventure with Pius. You will be glad you did, because you are not just gaining a remarkable, unforgettable experience, but also a remarkable and unforgettable friend.’

Alesa Corrin 
Battle Ground, Washington State, U.SA.
August 2019

‘Pius provided the quintessential Irish experience as we walked the Burren Way.
His conversation and feelings invoked his love of Ireland and deep appreciation of the beauty of the land and sea, mountains, geology, vegetation making each step filled with awe. He brought literature, poetry, wit, humor, local folklore, history into our days. He shared his spirituality and mindfulness of the environment and all living things to us and to our souls and spirit.
OUTSTANDING and Unforgettable walking The Burren with Pius.’
Baltimore, USA 

August, 2019

Splendid is the word that best describes our Burren Walk with Pius.
My friends also used the word “Special”. And it really was Special, from the beautiful trails, the sporadic poetry, his knowledge of the flora and fauna, his beautiful respect for the area and his passion for the Burren, this made for a really special two days walking for me and four friends. Couldn’t recommend his walks highly enough and if you intend walking in the Burren it would be a huge mistake not to walk with Pius!’
Mary Molloy 
August, 2019

‘We had a great day in the Burren with Pius. He shared with us a fantastic walk. Poetry in Motion ! Pius is the ‘Pope of the Burren!’
Walking with him transforms this rugged landscape into a magical adventure; full of life stories from ancient times to modern history. He frames the Burren into a living and breathing adventure by using his words and the poems of others so that you can learn and understand what life there, is about, in today’s world and in the world of those who walked this land before us. By day’s end, you’ll have participated in the creation of your own documentary of life in the Burren, one you will never forget.’
Gene and Jo Ann Taylor
Founders of Walking Connection
Arizona, U.S.A.
November, 2018

‘Pius was such a huge part of the ‘richness’ of this trip for me and I am forever grateful. Hope our paths cross again soon.’
Elena Lilly,
Virginia, U.S.A.
Hallowe’en, 2018
‘We just returned from a Photography Retreat in the Burren and the hands down favourite activity was our time with Pius. A marvellous mixture of poetry, spirituality, history and reverence for the landscape made it the highlight of the trip. Highly recommended!’
Deirdre Walsh
Everyday Mindfulness
‘Really grateful for the most perfect day today, spent on Inisheer with fantastic guide, Pius Murray, creating forever memories with some of my family and other fave special people.’
(Pius was our guide in the Burren, for my Irish Retreat: Self Love by the Sea ,on the Wild Atlantic Way)
Patricia Bakewell 
Personal Development Coach
Liverpool, England.
August, 2018
‘If you are ever in Ireland,looking for a wonderful tour guide, look no further than Pius ! He is wonderful, personable, kind and extremely knowledgeable. Our time with Pius was the highlight of our trip.’
Katelyn Shanley
Washington State
August 2018
‘Pius is exceptional in every way … his love of the Burren and his spiritual and historic insights added a dimension to our trip that was totally unexpected, utterly delightful and intensely soul-stirring.’
Colleen Marikje Barker
Michigan and Wisconsin U.S.A.
Oct. 31st., Oiche Shamhna, 2017
‘Pius is a remarkable tour guide. My group and I owe so much to this remarkable man.’
Mary Morse
California, U.S.A.
September, 2017
‘Our trip to the Burren with Pius was a highlight of our Ireland trip. Pius’s insights into the history and spirituality of the Burren made us wish we could spend several more days there. We give him 5 stars out of 5!’
Linda Chafin
Athens, Georgia, U.S.A.